Kenya Vacation

A Kenya vacation includes experiencing tribal culture, wildlife, coral reefs, beaches, deserts, mountains…Kenya is so diverse that some call it a microcosm of Africa. Explore your options with a Travel Insider.


Roaring lions, snorting wildebeest and trumpeting elephants puncture the silence between Kenya’s vast African sky and sun-baked plains. Fishermen haul in nets of crabs and lobsters off Mombasa’s shore and Maasai warriors point out rhino tracks to stupefied safari-goers. Wildlife and humans mingle peacefully in modern-day Kenya. Luxury safari camps and ecolodges comfortably cushion the outdoor adventure and Nairobi’s AFEW Giraffe Center and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust advance the cause for wildlife protection. Hearty, fire-roasted meat fuels the climb up Mount Kenya and snorkeling in the Indian Ocean.

Betty Morgan

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Insider info on: Kenya

  • Geography: Plains that rise to highlands
  • Weather: Tropical along the coast; dry and arid inland
  • Languages: Swahili, English

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