Meet Your AMT Travel Insiders

Betty Morgan AMT America Express Travel

Betty Morgan

Our President

Betty Morgan, I am the President of AMT Travel, and I have spent about 8 weeks in Greece in the past 3 years.  With over 35 years of travel experience, I have visited all seven continents. My experience in stretches past the boundaries of a travel agent, as I personally escorts groups upwards of forty people to some of the most amazing destinations in the world. From Antarctica to Australia, China to all of Europe, my knowledge of the world can help to personalize a great package for any client’s needs. I can personally recommend hotels, restaurants, and the most breathtaking destinations, because chances are, I have been there! In addition to my knowledge of the highest luxuries in modern travel, I can recommend the best experience for your dollar.

Andrea Andrade AMT Travel

Andrea Andrade

Andrea Andrade: I am considered an advanced world cruise specialist. My clients have traveled on several lines, including Regent. With extensive experience in five-star and luxury travel, as well as enjoying it, I have experienced the best.

With strong relationships worldwide, I am able to give my clients the best value for their travel investments. Traveling in luxury does not mean you need to spend unwisely. People tell me they find tremendous value by traveling with AMT Travel: when you think about the points, the offices located worldwide, and the relationships the company has, it’s no wonder we have such satisfied and repeat clients. After all, memories can be priceless.

Maureen Johnson AMT Travel Insider

Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson: When I travel to a destination, I immerse myself within the experience so that I might be better able to understand the locations culture, people and history. By concentrating on a few special destinations I get a chance to see things many people never see or hear of. Each time I go back to one of my favorite destinations, I will often revisit places or experiences that I enjoyed in the past, but I make sure not to repeat the same trip and thus become too comfortable with a destination. By doing this I am able to delve deeper into a location each time, and I go out of my way to be out of my comfort zone and hunt down new adventures. This gives me a fresh and deeper experience.


Amy Sidawi AMT Travel

Amy Sidawi

Amy Sidawi: I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years and visited 4 continents, and made the Middle East my specialty. Not only have I been there, but I am very familiar with the destination


Esther Shubin AMT Travel

Esther Shubin

Esther Shubin: While having over 15 years of Travel Counselor experiences, which include destination experience that goes beyond just the basic travel book knowledge.  I have been on several river cruises in France, Germany and Amsterdam.  I love being able to immerse myself in the culture of a country by going to several unique cities. Each city has its flavor and national identity. And the bonus that makes this all so great is that you don’t have to unpack again once you board the ship! You get daily tours, there are extra tours available, the food is amazing and every year they include more and more amenities.It is so great to get to know the shipboard staff too. It adds to the overall quality of service and fun. They get to know you; they treat you like valued guests and not someone just passing through. You feel the excitement, the awe, as everyone is awaiting their adventure.  As an insider, I’ll provide you with the itinerary to match your needs

Carole Scherer AMT Travel

Carole Scherer

Carole Scherer is our designated Corporate Travel Manager. Carole’s specialty is booking air travel and car rentals in some of the most exotic locales in the world. She takes knowing exotic destinations seriously, and continues her travel education through her own experience and through numerous specialist educational programs. She is a registered specialist of Celebrity Cruise line, Princess Cruise line, Cozumel and Cancun Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.


Frank Morgan AMT Travel

Frank Morgan


Frank Morgan is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AMT Travel, one of the largest full-service travel agencies in Los Angeles and Orange Counties with over 150 in-house staff and Independent Contractors. Mr. Morgan is also a past member of the American Express Travel Advisory Board as well as CEO of ASKDOCTRAVEL which hosts a number of question and answer websites, which focuses on promoting Luxury Travel options and destinations.Mr. Morgan is a 20-year veteran of the travel industry, with more than two million air miles flown and all 7 continents visited. Frank Morgan is also an industry consultant, lecturer and author, and can often be heard on Los Angeles-based AM talk radio.